Custom Design

How It Works

Custom Design: How It Works

We make it easy to love your lunchroom!

Our nationally recognized lunchroom design staff have worked with countless school districts to help them achieve greater food service participation and heightened school pride. We’ll render the design into computer-generated photos so you can see the makeover even before you purchase it! Once approved, we’ll fabricate and paint, install and manage the entire project working in and around your food service schedule and school calendar.

  • Increase participation
  • Motivate food service staff
  • Leave a visible legacy

We take into consideration the physical structure of each lunchroom, the allowable space to be designed, and even the policies in place governing what and when we can decorate. We can involve the school community, as you desire, by soliciting theme ideas or feedback, naming contests or other ways that contribute to the resulting lunchroom pride and participation!

Let us work with you to create a lunchroom theme for one school or the entire district. We’ll use your colors, mascot or other identity elements to create a truly unique and awesome design.

How It WorksHow It Works

How our Custom Design Process Works:

Step 1 - The Proposal (typically 2-3 weeks)

Site Visit Consultation...

We visit your school to get a sense of your lunchroom and makeover goals. We’ll measure, take pictures, and discuss the project scope.

Proposal Submitted...

We send a written proposal that includes a project description, design and product suggestions, costs, project timeline, and contract information.

Proposal Discussion...

Together we discuss the proposal in detail. Typically, this is done over the phone.

Proposal Revision...

Based on the discussion, we'll revise the proposal and resubmit it to you now ready for Job Activation signatures and PO# information.

The Design Begins when all paperwork is complete, which includes signatures and PO#’s.

Step 2 - Use a Contest to Name Your Café (OPTIONAL: typically 1 week)

Solicit name ideas...

We’ll supply a custom flyer to help promote an in-school contest.

Step 3 - Design (typically 2-4 weeks)

First Presentation Review...

With our Cafeteria Crystal Ball service, we superimpose graphics onto your site’s photographs. Logos, fonts, colors, and graphics are presented for your review.

Step 4 - Fabrication (typically 2-4 weeks)

Design Revisions...

We’ll edit the design and resubmit a final design for your approval so we can begin fabrication.

Project Assignments...

We organize the project and begin making all the signs, graphics and other product components.

Step 5 - Implementation (typically 1-5 days)

Paint Schedule...

We consult with the painters to ensure proper colors, schedule and processes are in place.

Sign Installation...

Signs are hung and all final details completed.

Total Average Time for Lunchroom Makeover Projects: 2-5 weeks

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