How It Works

LunchBoards *

It's time to display menus and papers in style.

2 Styles to choose from: Dry Erase and Paper Inserts

FunShapes Dry Erase - No More Boring White Boards. Now available in Fun Shapes!
10 FunShapes - 8 Perfect Colors - 3 Practical Sizes

LunchBoards - Tell’em What’s For Lunch In Style.
Computer generated menus - easy to make.

  • Daily Menus
  • Weekly Menus
  • Montlhy Menus

Information Stations - De-clutter your walls... Get Organized.
Display all your important papers. Multi-sizes to show off:

  • Justice Posters
  • Safety Information
  • Rules and Regulations
Product List

FunShapes Dry Erase


FunShape Dry-Erase
No More Boring White Boards. Now available in Fun Shapes! 10 FunShapes - 8 Perfect Colors - 3 Practical Sizes
LunchBoards - Acrylic Holder

LunchBoard Paper Insert


Why LunchBoard Paper Insert?

Tell’em what’s for lunch in style! Convenient paper holder where you can display computer generated menus. Signs are pre-cut with holes & installation hardware.

Fabrication Details

Material: Vinyl print with dry erase laminated on PVC material with 3D header
Properties: Washable, durable & fire rated materials
Features: Acrylic holder for computer generated 8.5’ x 11" paper menu. Pre-cut holes for installation.

Suggested Placement

LunchBoards are best placed on each entrance door or next to the entrance door frame. Tell’em what’s for lunch!

Paper Holder Lunchboards

Information Stations


Paper Holder Lunchboards
What Do Signs Do For A Lunchroom?

Take a moment to look around at the tired, boring, everyday lunchroom you are in now.  Let's De-institutionalize your serving area and set it free with our budget minded Sign Kits.  Our Sign products help you, our customers, brighten up your lunchroom.

An Inexpensive Solution

Although professional, quality designs has traditionally been expensive or out of reach for most schools; we want to change this. We're passionate about helping lunchrooms get designed with the best looking and highest quality sign products...that will help them or their lunchrooms go from Boring to Ba-ZING!.

The Big Picture

Our company's vision is simple: "Really Great, Affordable Sign Designs for Everyone”. With our ‘ship-to -your-door' Themed Sign Kits ... it gives you more creative opportunities to design the Lunchroom of your dreams!

The Promise

We are dedicated to bringing you quality, premium products that guarantee to inspire your community. We love great design and believe it can work wonders for every lunchroom. That’s why we make it simple.